Viva TV Apk- Download Latest Version Viva TV APK Mod For Android

Viva TV apk

Are you a binge-watcher and cannot really live without shows and movies? Do you always love to explore new applications and platforms that tend to provide better entertainment experience? Then of course you have come to the right place. This article helps to bring in the detailed review of an online video streaming application that helps to provide movies, web shows, animations and many other forms of entertainment on the online platform.

Movies, web shows and online entertainment stand a lot more important for many people among all of us. Many of us actually do not have the luxury of spare time to actually relax and enjoy our favorite shows while relaxing in our homes. Such people need such online platforms that are quick to provide for entertainment and also are very convenient in using, downloading and watching films and shows over it. Let us look at more vibrant features of this application and learn about it.

What is Viva TV Apk?

Viva TV apk is another video streaming application that enables us to access various movies, shows online in our mobiles and television devices. It offers shows and videos online and also in different languages that actually enhance the experience of exposure of people who are watching the movies and shows. This application is small in size so doesn’t occupy much space in your device. To function and run smoothly, it requires version 5.0 and above than that. The developer of this application is Viva TV and it’s an entertainment application. It is rated for people above 12 years of age.

Latest Version Viva TV Apk- Download Viva TV APK Mod For Android

This application lets you stream your favorite movies and shows that are available in various genres such as drama, action, comedy, romantic and so on. This makes it so much attractive and appealing for us as everybody of us seeks for something like this that would offer almost everything that one desires for. It offers all these shows for free, one just has to install the application and enjoy the favorite entertainment. It also broadcasts Korean drama, animation and TV shows that make it more versatile and adaptable. Usually such applications do not provide any sort of entertainment for children and young people but this application is quite adaptable and rich in the content it provides.

Features of Viva TV apk

This application is actually a beneficial application that makes the access to entertainment and shows quite easy and very much affordable. Some of the every eminent features of Viva TV apk are as follows:

  • This application offers the links and access to movies and shows in different qualities and resolution ranging from 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. So you can easily choose among the quality of the video images you want to watch and enjoy.
  • Also by offering such different quality of picture it enables us to run this application with low data connectivity and low bandwidth, this ensures an uninterrupted access to entertainment and shows without any conditions and problems caused.
  • Also as this application can work very easily even in the area of low internet connectivity, it does not lead to long hours of just loading and buffering of videos like other application. The video gets loaded super quickly and we don’t need to wait for much time and enjoy our favorite source of entertainment without any hesitation and extra stress.
  • This application also allows us to easily download the movies and shows with just one tap. It makes it very easy and convenient for us to download and save the shows and movies for future reference and also for forwarding our preferences to our peers and friends and would make it more convenient for everyone to access it.
  • The most special feature about this application is that we don’t need to register for this application or need to subscribe to this application for accessing the entertainment and shows provided in this application. We can easily access the shows and movies for free online and also download it for future reference. Other applications tend to charge money and subscription charges in order to access the application and watch something on that application.
  • The User Interface of this application is pretty simple and attractive. All the options and features are correctly placed on the screen of the application and tend to maximize and enhance the experience of the user.
  • You can easily swipe through various comfortable and convenient options and select for the one that is suitable to them.
  • This application also provides relevant and important information regarding the movies such as its ratings, date of release, facts and important incidents during the making of the movie. This enhances the experience of the user and also adds to the knowledge of the person who is watching the movie and using this application.
  • Another best feature of this application is that there might be certain shows or movies that are not currently available in this application so it provides us with a mechanism to deal with it and help the developer update the application with those. We can easily request the developer through the support options and the movie or the show would be provided and it would be updated according to the needs of the people and their wishes.
  • This application also allows us to play the movie or show with the default player that is the application or any other video player such as MX player or VLC player. It does not bound us to play the shows compulsorily in this application only, this gives us our own freedom and makes this application more adaptable and convenient for the users. It also allows us to watch the movies through any player according to our own comfort and wishes.
  • It is basically one of the best video streaming applications that could provide entertainment to us for free of cost in our comfort zones that would ease things for us. It also provides high quality services and movies and shows that can be best viewed and enjoyed by us that too without paying extra penny.
  • It provides us entertainment in various different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese and over 30 other languages. It tends to give representation to other cultures and languages as well. This also enhances and enriches the experience of the user who has the access to entertainment in various languages.
  • This application also allows us to cast whatever we are watching on our Android mobile device on to chrome. This makes it user friendly and more convenient for all of us to use, not every video streaming application offers that.
  • This application also enables us to get an access to the subtitles to the shows and movies that we are watching, from other websites. This helps us to understand the other foreign languages easily and help learn them too. Also we can easily customize the color and fonts of the subtitles that are displayed.
  • This is one of those video streaming applications that tend to provide absolutely Ad-free entertainment to us and make our experience uninterrupted. Advertisements are really irritating and cause a lot of delays and interruptions in our entertainment when you suddenly click on them you just visit numerous other unrelated website and waste your time. So this application has been developed while keeping in mind all such things that cause a real problem and inconvenience to its users.

What does it offer?

Like other video streaming application this also offers various movies and web shows that too for free. You do not need to pay any extra amount or charges to this application in order to get an access to the videos, movies and web shows. It provides entertainment at even low internet connectivity that ensures uninterrupted entertainment to us irrespective of the connectivity issues.

Also you might wonder that this application tends to offer thousands of shows and movies of varied genres and languages and it is also small in size. It is because the application does not host the shows or movies; it tends to redirect the links from various servers and provides them to us. This makes it space saving and also efficient and convenient for us to use.

Also this allows us to watch the favorite show that is being downloaded, the other application usually do not provide this feature that enables us to watch a show while it’s being downloaded simultaneously. This does not create more problems for the users and rather make this application more comfortable and desirable.

This application is actually building up a fan base among its users because of the unique features it offers and also the kind of attractive and simple interface it carries. The best part still stands for its so small and convenient size.

Steps for Installation of Viva TV apk on various devices

This application can be downloaded and installed on various devices so let us now note the steps of installation of this over various types of devices.

Steps for installation on Android mobile phones

Step 1- You need to install the apk file from the link given below:


Step 2- Then you need to change the security settings of the device and enable the ‘unknown source’ option.

Step 3- After doing this you have to open and install the application by clicking on the apk files present in the ‘downloads’ menu. Second step is important for installing the application.

Step 4- The application would ask for certain storage and settings permission, allow them.

Step 5- Now you can easily run this application and customize it according to your wishes.

Steps for installation on iOS

Step 1- To download and install Viva TV apk on iOS we need to install Tutu application that is available on Android and this as well. For that to be done, you need to open a browser on the phone and then change the settings and enable ‘trust authentication’.

Step 2- Then you can easily download the application from any browser through some link and install that on the device.

Step 3- After the installation of the application, connect your deice to any free VPN.

Step 4- Now search for the Viva TV over TuTu application.

Step 5- Tap on the icon and then you will see it getting downloaded automatically.

Step 6- Once again you need to enable the ‘trust authentication’ to allow for permissions.

Step 7- Lastly, after completing this procedure you will be able to gain access to the application. Below we’ve shared the complete guide for installing Viva Tv on iOS:


Steps for installation on Personal Computer

Step 1- First of install any emulator on your personal computer because you will not be able to access the application without the emulator.

Step 2- Then download the Viva TV apk file from the link given below.


Step 3- Now open the emulator installed and find for the Viva TV apk file.

Step 4- Click on it and it will be installed automatically on the personal computer.

Step 5- After the procedure is complete, you will see the icon on the home screen and now you can absolutely enjoy the application and its features.

Steps for installation on Firestick

Step 1- Open the fire stick home page and then go to the settings and change then to enable ‘apps from unknown sources’.

Step 2- Then go to the search menu and search for the application ‘Downloader’ and download that.

Step 3- After Downloader is installed and launched, download the apk from the link given below.


Step 4- After this there will be a home page of a website that would appear and you need to click on ‘download’. This will activate the installation of Viva TV apk.

Step 5- After downloading, go to the ‘applications’ icon of the Firestick and select Viva TV apk application.

Step 6- You can click and start using the application after completing this process.

So these are the detailed steps and procedure that can be followed to install and launch the application and you can enjoy its benefits too.

Why Viva TV Apk Mod is not Working?

A modified version of any android application sometimes causes troubles and does not work properly on any device and systems. This leads to a lot of inconvenience and also irritation because we tend to miss out on the perfect kind of entertainment we could actually enjoy. There are a number of problems and technical errors that tend to cause problems in running and installing the application.

Sometimes the application does not work or gets installed properly because of full storage so there is no space left for any application to run or keep. Also if the device’s storage is corrupted then it might cause a lot of issues in installing and running particular applications. Also there are some errors and glitches with the operating system as well that lead to a lot of malfunction.

Also sometimes the phone or device is not compatible with mod apk version of the application that also causes decrease in performance of the application. You must also take care of the version the mod apk requires because it will not ever work properly or would be installed over specific versions. It has got its own version requirements.

This app shall only be used for streaming movies and tv shows that falls under the public domain only. We, at Movies Apk, are not affiliated with any party to promote illegal activity that may tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted contents. The user shall only be responsible for any accessed media from the sites or apps mentioned here on this website. We have shared this guide about VIVA TV for only educational purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important part comes now, that before actually trying or using this application you should also go through various frequently raised queries that actually provide best knowledge and clear further doubts of the users.

Some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

Ques: Is this application a legal one?

Answer: This application is actually a legal one as it has got copyright disclaimer that prohibits any sort of illegal activity and behavior. All the links that this application uses or provides are widely available on internet so they can be cross-checked for that matter.

Ques: Viva TV apk is safe to use?

Answer: Yes absolutely this application is perfectly safe to use and can be used without hesitation. It does not contain any virus, spyware or malware that could potentially harm the device and cause problems. It is actually the best sort of option in comparison to other video streaming applications and is also safe and secure.

Ques: Can we say that it is the best application of its kind?

Answer: Yes of course, this application can be termed as one of the best kind of video streaming application that provides with the best sort of experience and free of cost entertainment to us. Moreover, we do not need to pay any extra amount for subscription that saves a lot on our part and is convenient to our pockets too.

Ques: Does this application provide with subtitles?

Answer: Yes this application does provide with subtitles that too in different languages that ensure better experience of the user and also the user feels comfortable and at ease while watching a movie of a different language. We can also customize the subtitles by changing its color and fonts.

Ques: Can I use the feature of Chrome cast on this application?

Answer: The feature of Chrome cast is accessible in this application and we can very easily cast or display whatever we are watching in this application on a smaller device, over larger Chrome screen. This tends to make this application user friendly and tend to make it more convenient and desirable for the people out there.


So this was a detailed article over this newly designed Viva TV apk that showed all the features and benefits of this application. This really helps to enhance and enable the user to enjoy all the features and functions of this application. Also it is a small sized application that can be easily stored in the device and has got all the links of movies and shows. It is an application that must be tried once.

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