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Titanium TV Apk

Watching your favorite movies with the favorite persons of your life, in the comforts of your homes is the best way to relax and distract from the everyday stress that we face. Today, movies, entertainment shows and such entertaining videos have become a very important part of our lives as people seek refuge from all the problems of the life by tuning into their favorite shows that are available online.

Instead of going to theatre halls and cinema halls for watching their favorite shows and movies, people have got the best solutions for their problems such as busy schedule and lack of time, that too with the help of technology. There are various such online platforms that are developed which stream the online content such as movies, web shows and serine just for free and are so convenient to access just like any other application on our phones.

This use of technology for streaming such sources of application is so much important and is really a boom for all of us who do not get time to get ready and visit cinema halls for watching our favorite entertainment. Such applications are readily available in this world of internet we just need to install them and start using that.

One of such applications is Titanium TV apk application that is a third party application made by some developers which streams videos, movies, show and web series online without charging anything from is users. Let us look at its features and various other aspects more closely.

What is Titanium TV Apk?

Titanium TV apk is another online video streaming applications among all the other available applications. This application is just like any other online video streaming application that has got so many videos and movies stored exclusively for you so that you can easily enjoy them anytime according to your comforts. It is so much easy to access this application that we just need to download the application from the online platform and just after installing we get hold of all the possible available entertainment videos and movies. It has got a wide variety of contents and series that are made all over the globe that would serve your interests and also help you to widen your horizons and expand the scope of your thinking.

Titanium TV Apk Titanium TV For Android IOS Windows and Firestick APK

The name of this application is Titanium TV apk and the size of the application is 13.23 MB and also the app gets frequent updates as well. It can be run very comfortably on Android, Ios, PC and Firestick.

Features of Titanium TV Apk

This application is also one of the most liked applications in terms of online streaming of videos and online availability of entertainment to all. Some of the very defining features of this application are:

  • The best of its features include is the fact that titanium TV apk application tends to provide a wide range of contents that constitute movie, web series, web shows and other entertainment videos. You can easily search for shows and movies that belong to your favorite genres and category and watch them sitting anywhere in the world. This application allows us to search for shows and videos that belong to different categories such as Drama, Action, Comedy, Thriller and many such categories. Also we can find all the shows and videos that are latest and those have been already released on various platforms in the world.
  • Another important feature of this application is that it connects us with different parts of the globe as it streams different sorts of contents from the globe that are made in different languages. The audience is provided with shows and movies in different languages that help us to learn a different language and connect more with the content that is made in different parts of the world. Exposure to contents that are made in different parts of the globe help us in exploring and knowing more about the culture of the specific place that also adds to enhancement of the knowledge of the viewers.
  • The Titanium TV apk that is to be downloaded for Personal Computer can help us to download the desired videos, movies and shows that we want to store for future reference. This helps us to store the important shows that we have always wanted to watch and also help us to store them for forwarding them to our known people. The best thing about the application is that all of this happens for free of cost and we do not need to pay any extra money for this downloading.
  • Another best feature of this application is that it supports Chrome Cast and allows us to project and play whatever we see over our smaller screens to a bigger screen such as TV or PC or any other device such as speakers etc.The helps us to play our favorite shows and series over any screen and platform that suits us. The feature of Chrome Cast is a very important feature because sometimes we do not want to watch the favorite shows on the device that has the application instead we want to watch it with everyone and then this feature helps us to enjoy our favorite entertainment with everyone.
  • This application provides us with the shows, web series and the contents in a very High Definition Quality that provides a very beautiful experience to the audience who is watching the shows over this application. Providing a High Quality list of shows over the internet for free is a very important feature that this application provides us with. While watching anything over this platform we do not feel that we are watching anything over some downloaded application as the quality so much defined and that provides with a very nice experience of watching the favorite contents.
  • Whenever we watch a favorite show or a series and because of some urgent work we tend to just stop that particular episode and finish the task and then we again need to search for the same series and episode but this application solves this problem. It tends to save the last episode and its section you were watching so that when you return back to the application, you don’t have to unnecessarily search for the name of the series and the episode, also you don’t have to remember where you left watching that particular show or video.
  • This application tends to keep us notified very well on time about the new releases and latest shows, movies and videos that are released all around the globe. This helps us to keep a track of the content, series and shows that are made all around the globe. We do not need to remember the dates and the days of the releases of the shows separately as the application does it for us. We have also got the option of adjusting the sound quality of the shows and movies that we would be watching so that we can experience better quality music and sounds while watching them.
  • The latest version of Titanium TV apk application enables us to share the movies, shows and series that we tend to download through this application with our friends and known people with the use of social media platforms. It provides us with the feature of downloading the movies, series and shows that are our favorite and seem important to us and also helps us to share whatever we store on this application. This helps us to share our taste of movies and shows with others and also helps us to get to know their favorites. 

So these were some of the features of Titanium TV apk application that very well put forward so as to why we must all download this application right away.

Why Is It So Popular?

It is considered as one of the most popular online video streaming applications because one of the biggest advantage it offers is that we don’t have to actually create an official account in this application and pay some subscription charge as a matter of the charges that need to be paid on other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such platforms. The best part is that it provides us with the amazing contents that are created all over the globe for free of cost. It helps all of the people to access the contents so that everyone can explore the types of work that is produced all over the globe.

Titanium TV Why Is It So Popular

Also this application is very much popular as it has got a very wide range of videos, shows and series that are available all around the globe and keeps them very well sorted within the application separately. The user interface of this application is super easy and provides a very comfortable experience to their user which is easily accessible by those people who never used such application. Another advantage lies in its size; this application takes very less space of the storage of your device. This makes a lightweight application that can be installed and reinstalled again.  

Steps For Installation Over Various Devices

Titanium TV apk can be installed over various devices and you can easily enjoy the contents provided by this application over different types of devices. Let us look at the steps for installation on different types of devices that are commonly used for such purpose.

Steps For Installation on Android Devices

Step 1- First of all before you install this application over your device you need to enable the Apps from Unknown Sources in the security settings of the device.

Step 2- After doing this, install the apk file of Titanium TV application from the link given below:


Step 3- Now you need to tap on the apk file and download the application.

Step 4- After you download the application, you will find the icon of the application on your home screen.

Step 5- Now you just have to tap on the icon and enjoy your favorite shows.

Steps For Installation on iOS Devices

Step 1- You need to first open the Safari browser in order to install the application over your devices.

Step 2- When the webpage is finished loading then you can tap on the install titanium TV button. Below we’ve shared the guide on how to install titanium apk on iOS:


Step 3- There would be a page on your screen that would pop up which will ask for permission and you need to press the Allow button.

Step 4- As you will allow, the application will begin to install itself on your phone.

Step 5- You will be able to see the icon on your home screen and now you can easily the application.

Steps For Installation on Personal Computer

Step 1- Before installing the application you need to install an emulator on your personal computer. The most recommended one is Bluestacks.

Step 2- After the installation of the emulator, you can download the Titanium TV apk file from here over the PC.


Step 3- Then you just need to launch the application from the home screen of the emulator.

Step 4- Now you can easily use the application over your PC.

Steps For Installation on Firestick

Step 1- First you need to enable the option of Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 2- Then you need to install Downloader on your Firestick for installing Titanium TV apk.

Step 3- With the help of the search option, you can easily download Downloader.

Step 4- Open the downloader is installed and you need to enter the apk to download titanium. Below we’ve shared the step by step guide to install it on Firestick.


Step 5- You will be directed to a home page and from the same, download the application.

Step 6- Then Firestick will automatically launch the application and you need to simple on–screen options.

Step 7- After the installation, you can delete the apk file as you can easily locate the application from the My Installed Apps section.

Step 8- Launch the application and enjoy your favorite shows.

So these were some of the steps that can be easily followed in order to download Titanium TV apk application on various devices that it supports.

This app shall only be used for streaming movies and tv shows that falls under the public domain only. We, at Movies Apk, are not affiliated with any party to promote illegal activity that may tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted contents. The user shall only be responsible for any accessed media from the sites or apps mentioned here on this website. We have shared this guide about Titanium TV Apk for Android for only educational purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently raised queries that are often raised by people regarding the application Titanium TV apk.

Ques:  Is it safe to use Titanium TV apk?

Answer: Though it is a third-party application and not an original application but still it is safe to use and does not cause malware. Also it prevents from any attacks of various viruses and threats.

Ques: Titanium TV apk is supported by which types of devices?

Answer: It is supported by a variety of devices including Android devices above v4.4.3 and Windows above seven, smart TVs, iOS devices and also Firestick. These are the devices that support the configuration of this application and help in running this application.

Ques: Is Titanium TV apk a legal application?

Answer: It is not a legal application as it is not available on the Google Play store. An application that is unavailable is illegal as it does not to the copyright rules that are established by Google Play Store. Titanium TV apk is a third party application that is not an original application.

Ques: Does this application require some payments to be made?

Answer: No, this application does not demand for any payment that should be made in order to access the series, web shows or the movies that are available.


This article was an attempt to bring up a description and review of the online video streaming application that is Titanium TV apk. This application is not like other video streaming applications as it does not charge anything in exchange of watching and downloading the favorite shows and series. Also we do not need to provide much of our personal details in order to just use this application. Another advantage that it offers is that we can easily download various movies and shows for free and store them for future reference. Overall it is a great application and can be recommended. Hope you’ve installed the application on your device easily without any problem. But if you still face any problem, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will be happy to help.

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