Titanium TV for iOS | Free Download & Install Titanium Apk for iOS

Titanium TV for iOS

Are you a movie buff? Or are you more interested in watching TV series? Sometimes, you will be unable to satisfy your entertainment-related wants as it is quite difficult to find the content you like over the internet. And even if you do, you need to get monthly or yearly subscriptions. What if you cannot afford it due to some reasons or maybe you don’t want to subscribe as you only want to watch movies or TV series once in a while. Well, in that case, you would need an application that can provide you with any video content you like and be reliable as well. When it comes to such applications, what comes to mind?

Well, don’t think too much about it as Titanium TV is here. Titanium TV is like a knight in shining armour that will provide you with any entertainment content you want in seconds. It is a video streaming application where you can get TV shows for free with an advantage of movies as well. Say goodbye to those annoying moments when you had to search for your favourite TV shows all the time. With Titanium HD, you can do all that and get instant results. Now, you might be thinking that what really is Titanium TV and what does it provide you with. Well, you can get info on its details further in the article.

What is Titanium HD?

As the name suggests, you can watch TV shows in Titanium TV. But, it is not limited to that only. Titanium TV is a video streaming application in which you can watch any TV shows (from old to new) and movies as well. So if you are an entertainment seeker, you should have Titanium TV. It is a full-on entertainment package having every video content you can watch. Moreover, it also provides you with access to live TV and TV channels for free. It is one of the best video streaming applications that also provides you with all the latest movies and TV shows in high definition. 

Titanium TV for iOS- Free Download & Install Titanium Apk for iOS

Features of Titanium TV

Now, after knowing what Titanium TV is, you might also want to know about the features that it possesses. If so, then you are at the right place. Some of the features of Titanium TV are as follows:

Unlimited entertainment

You can now get unlimited amount of entertainment by Titanium TV. How? Well, there is a large variety of TV show and movies on Titanium TV as it provides you with premium service. 

Numerous TV Shows

Titanium TV has a large variety of TV shows present in that that you will love. From old to new, funny to scary, daily to weekly, you can watch any TV Show you want if you own Titanium TV on your iOS.

Quality-wise videos

You can watch videos in different qualities for free. You can stream videos in any quality which includes 240p, 360p, 480p, or even HD. It is all up to you regarding which quality you would prefer according to the circumstances.

Subtitles support

Sometimes, there are shows or movies in which you need subtitles to understand properly. Or maybe the content is in different language so that you need subtitles to understand it in the language you are aware of. In such a case, you would need subtitle support which Titanium TV does have within it.

Stream contents offline

You can now watch any movies or TV shows offline in Titanium TV. Yes it is possible! To enjoy this feature, you will have to download any content you want to watch offline. Then you can watch the downloaded content without internet connection as well. You can download any content present in Titanium TV on the application itself.

How to install Titanium TV on iOS?

You will not be able to download the Titanium TV directly on your iOS. So, to download Titanium TV or Titanium TV on iOS, you will have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1- First, you will have to download a third-party app through which you can download Titanium TV on your iOS.

Step 2- Here we can use AppValley for that purpose.

Step 3- Download AppValley on your IOS device and install it by enabling third party downloads from the settings menu of your device.

Step 4- After it is done, you can launch the third-party app on your iOS device.

Step 5- Then, you can search for Titanium TV on the search bar.

Step 6- Once you see the icon for Titanium TV, you can download it by clicking on the download button.

Step 7- Again, for installing the app, you will have to allow third-party sources from the settings.

Step 8- Then please wait for the app to install.

Step 9- After it is done, you can launch the app from your home screen and enjoy your favourite movies all you want.

This app shall only be used for streaming movies and tv shows that falls under the public domain only. We, at Movies Apk, are not affiliated with any party to promote illegal activity that may tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted contents. The user shall only be responsible for any accessed media from the sites or apps mentioned here on this website. We have shared this guide about Titanium TV Apk for iOS for only educational purpose.


It can be said that if you are an entertainment lover and want to enjoy full experience of Watching TV shows and movies, then titanium TV is made for you. It is one of the best applications that can provide you with any TV shows and movies that you like so that you can stream it. What’s more is that you can even download the contents without any difficulties. There’s a large variety of contents that you can select from and watch movies or TV series genre that you like. It does amazing features like letting you select video quality of your choice, downloading a content for viewing offline later, a huge library of movies and TV series, and whatnot. Once you start using titanium TV, you will not get bored. Moreover, you can now watch live TV or TV channels on your device with the help of titanium TV. It can provide you with Live TV channel so that you can watch your heart out.

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