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Stremio apk

Since a decade the whole idea of cinema and theaters have somewhere gone into decline as people do not take much interest in physically going to the places due to lack of time and the busy schedules. Also the entertainment costs a little too much in the cinema halls as compared to other online platforms such as Netflix and others.

These platforms are readily available and tend to provide entertainment, shows and movies handy at anytime of the day. One can be taking a break at work or relaxing or travelling and also simultaneously enjoying the shows easily and comfortably. For such generation, there is another online video streaming application launched in the digital market that is Stremio apk.

What is Stremio Apk?

Stremio apk is another video streaming application that lets us stream videos over the internet and enjoy the content that is available over various other resources over the World Wide Web. This application enables us to stream and get an access to videos and content that is developed over different types of platforms and tends to make available a wide variety of shows that actually seem important and also are desired by the people. Just like other such applications this application as well helps us to search for content and videos that are relatable, useful and also satisfy our needs and wishes.

stremio app install guide for android Ios Pc and firestick

It offers wide variety of shows and content that can be accessed by anyone who has got internet connectivity and can easily enjoy the benefits of this application. This is very reliable and helpful as it tends to provide great comfort to our minds and brain by easily and effectively providing the best quality videos and shows that are actually wanted and craved by the people out there. This application is actually a boom in today’s world where it is difficult to find all sorts of entertainment at just one destination, that too with just one click. By tapping an icon on your screen you would be having access to the variety of shows and movies that have been created and developed for spreading certain strong ideas and messages to the people and of course for entertainment purposes as well.

The content uploaded on this application is advisable for teenagers and people of above this age group. It presents a lot of wide variety of content and videos for the people according to various categories and concepts.

Features of Stremio APK

This application consisists of various eminent features that attracts the people and compel them to at least try this application for at least once. So some of its features are as follows:

  • By using this application we get access to the web shows, videos, movies and TV shows that are available on different platforms. This is one of the very unique features of this application. This is such an important application as it provides us with the shows and content that is available on different online platforms. The shows that are only and exclusively available on certain websites or applications tend to limit their audience as only a certain number of people could register and pay for the subscription of these applications and websites. This is actually eliminated with the introduction of this application. We can easily access different types of shows that are available on different platforms on this application.
  • The feature of Web Chimer tends to ensure a high quality videos streaming in any given format. This is used in Stremio application and tends to display the videos and content in a great detail and high definition. This helps in enhancing the experience of the user and one tends to like the application more. In today’s time no one likes to watch a video that is not high definition because it provides great picture quality and fine details that enhance a user’s experience.
  • This application also enhances the experience of the user by providing another important feature that is subtitles. Not everyone has a very good command over all the languages and not everyone actually knows all the languages in which the movies and shows are made so it becomes a little difficult for all the viewers out there to watch these shows and movies. The feature of these subtitles tends to facilitate watching a movie or a show that they want to or like. This enhances their experience of watching and also helps them learn a new language and understand the movie or the show more comprehensively.
  • Another amazing feature of this application is that we can easily build up a library of the favorite shows and movies that we can pick from this application and easily save and store them there. It also helps us to build a personal folder that would consist of all the important shows that we have watched or those which we want to watch as a priority. It enables us to maintain a record within that application so you do not need to memorize or maintain this record elsewhere. We can also sync our library over any device of our choice which makes this application more users friendly. The Linvo Databse ensures the management of all the data and storage of this application on any device.
  • There is a Board option on this application that actually notifies us with the latest episodes of various web shows, new movies and new videos as well of our interest. This feature makes this application very user friendly as it enables us to quickly access the new episodes and developments that happen on a screen that is visible as you open the application. This keeps a well prepared list of the latest show so that we do not need to struggle for finding the latest episodes in case we miss out on any of them due to any reason.
  • It is easy to use this application as one just needs to login or sign up by putting simple details such as e-mail id and password and there you go, you get registered in simple easy steps. The registration and subscription does not require any extra payment of any amount and is absolutely free so this makes it hustle free and also attractive as people would love to go for an application that provides with entertainment and favorite shows free of cost.
  • This application also provides with add-ons that is another important feature. These community add-ons basically come up with certain security risks. It allows us to connect and attach third party software for enhancing the features and abilities of this application. It enables us to get an access to various other websites and databases of platforms offering movies and shows. This basically helps in expanding the choices and availability of the shows and genres on this application.
  • It has got another important feature that enables us to operate and get control of this application remotely. If your mobile and computer are connected to the same network, then you can very easily operate and get an access of this application over the computer and you can very easily enjoy the favorite shows and movies over a bigger screen. There is a gear icon in the top right, by clicking over that you get to see a QR code that can be scanned. This takes you to the website that provides a total control of the application without installing it over the computer. You do not even need to install the application all over again, this makes its accesses quite simple and easy that makes this application very much desirable because people today’s do want things and software working quick and that they do not require much of set up and other such complex and time taking procedures.
  • This application also helps you to sync your watch history with Trakt, that is a web based service. It keeps track of all the shows watched and keeps you informed about the ones you have already watched or gone through. We can easily connect and sync the local library made that keeps the data of what has been watched so far. For this you need to make an account on Trakt. It is available on the gear icon on Stremio under heading Trakt Scrobbling. You need to click on that and you’ll be taken to a website that would ask you to confirm the Stremio account. This completes the procedure and now you can check by watching something like a TV show and that would appear in the Trakt history.
  • One of the most important features of this application is that it allows for accessing the Stremio calendar. This has got an in built calendar that helps us to keep an update of the dates of release and other important information that a calendar must provide. Before actually using, you need to feed your preferences and shows you would love to watch. Also you can sync the existing Trakt library and locally stored shows on your device or elsewhere. We can also easily select shows from discover tab in the application. Let us suppose we choose Dark from the discover tab and then check the calendar. It would present the dates when it released or will be released. It provides almost accurate dates that are provided by the entertainment news. We can also sync this calendar with our default calendar of the device pre-mail so that we get notified well on time. You need to click the gear icon and opt for subscribe to calendar and there you go. Now you do not need to worry about missing out on important dates and their notification as you can very easily sync them with your device that will keep you informed.
  • It also features the option of Chrome cast that allows us to play the videos and movies on a bigger screen other than mobile screen and tablets. It enhances the experience of the user and also we can easily enjoy our favorite shows with the whole family and friends. This also makes it more adaptable and attractive and people tend to go for such an application that can be accessed over various devices at a time. It lets you enjoy your favorite entertainment over various devices such as laptop, speaker, phone and TV.
  • It also allows us to play and get an access to those HTTP links and torrent links and files very easily over this application. If you tend to get an access to torrent files not through this application then it becomes a lengthy and complex set of procedures. You need to get the torrent application and then it takes another set of procedures to install and run the movie but with the help of this application, we can easily watch movies and shows that are available on torrent over Stremio application as well. It provides much extra features such as high definition picture quality and downloading option that makes it more attractive and desirable by the people.
  • The Stremio application provides us with safe and secured environment for streaming videos and shows. There is no such threat to the device on which we run the application or to our details as well. The links and data that it makes available to us are available on the web and are auditable so nothing can be seen as something that is unsafe. It basically provides us with a platform where we can play our favourite videos through links that are available at one destination that is Stremio application.
  • This application takes a lot of care of the privacy of the individuals and their sensitive data so it does not intend to collect the very confidential data of the persons using it. To create the account over this application you just need to put in very basic and minimum personal details such as name or the email id, it does not demand more than that. Plus it does not ask you to feed the details of your ATM card for payment as there is no payment feature in this application. So it takes care of the privacy and security of the users and never puts them or their details in danger so we can use this application without any fear and judgments.
  • Also it has got the feature of the Guest mode that enables us to access and use this application without actually signing up for it or registering officially. You can easily access the whole application and watch the movies and shows just like a registered user even in the Guest mode. This mode has been developed for us to experiment and try this application for once before actually opting for it.

Stremio apk has got various important features and options that are not even some of the popular video streaming applications have. This app makes the life easier and better and also enhances the total experience of the person who is watching the shows for leisure and entertainment.

What Can You Watch on Stremio?

Stremio application is originally a video streaming application that enables us to access all the videos, movies web series, shows, TV shows and channels that are aired on any online platform in this digital world. We can also access the videos that get displayed over You Tube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other video streaming platforms like them.

This application also provides these contents in various genres ranging from drama, action, romantic, comedy, thriller, horror, psychological thrillers and many more other categories of entertainment videos. We can easily search for any video or show with the help of title, genre and date of release as well. It also keeps us updated with the new releases and we don’t need to search for the shows and the new releases over other platforms, because we get all the information over here.

Also it streams the content and videos in various different languages that enables us to gain knowledge about various cultures and also learn new languages that tend to help us explore and being inquisitive. It has got features of subtitles too that tend to additionally help in comprehending everything clearly.

What is Compatible With Stremio?

Stremio application is a very compatible application and actually supports almost all the platforms and web sites that are available over the web. It tends to get access of every original video streaming application that is available to all the users.

It streams the contents of Netflix, Amazon Prime, You Tube and other such platforms that broadcast movies and shows and brings the content together into this application. It also creates an access to some add-ons that are a third party that also helps in accessing videos and shows from other sources other than the above mentioned platforms. Some of the add-ons are Pirate Bay, Juan Carlos, OpenSubtitles and Ex Add-on and many others also.

Also the platforms and devices that are compatible with Stremio application support its installation and functioning over their devices and operating systems are Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS. It also works on Android and iPhones. We can easily access this application over our smart TV or Firestick and similar such platforms.

The application basically creates a junction for various types of content that is readily available for the users out there and they can comfortably access them without facing much of problems.

Is Stremio Apk Legal?

One thing is actually very clear about this application that it is not an illegal application. This is available on the Google Play Store so it cannot be an illegal application. Any application that is available on any official application store agrees upon all the terms and conditions of the App store and does not intend to invade the privacy and infringe the copyright rights of the original makers of the content.

So Stremio application is also one of those legal applications that are officially available on the App store. They might be termed as a little unsafe due to some of its functions of Add- ons that give an access to third party developers that might make it a little unsafe but not illegal. It depends on our discretion totally whether to use this application but it is a completely legal and official application and is recommended too.

Steps for Installation of Stremio Application over Various Devices

This application is one of the best and most recommended applications that can be run and installed over various devices and operating systems so let us know how we can install this application over our devices through simple steps.

Steps for Installation on Android Devices

Step 1- Through your Android devices you need to click on the apk given below and then you will see an icon to download Stremio application.


Step 2- Then go to the settings of the device and enable the unknown sources settings.

Step 3- Click on that icon that you found earlier and the application will get installed.

Step 4- After this process is completed, you can easily start using this application smoothly.

Steps for Installation on Personal Computer

Step 1- For installing this over the personal computer and laptop, you need to install Android emulator like Bluestacks on your PC:

Step 2- So visit the official site and there you will see options for installation of this application over different devices. You should click on installation on Windows. Once it is install, download the apk given below:


Step 3- The Stremio application will begin to install slowly and gradually.

Step 4- After the installation is complete, you must open and launch the application. You have to continue by reading all the terms and conditions offered by Stremio.

Step 5- After this, installation procedure will come to an end and the application will be available on your device.

Step 6- All you have to do is now is create an account and start enjoying tis application and your favorite entertainment.

Steps for Installation on iOS

Step 1- To download this application, you need to click on the link given below:


Step 2- There you will find the link to access the Apple App store.

Step 3- You will find the application there and now you can download this from there.

Step 4- It is also available on iTunes store and you can download from there too.

Steps for Installation on Firestick

Step 1- You need to go to the developer option in the settings of the Firestick and turn on the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 2- Then go back to the search bar and select search.

Step 3- You need to search for ‘downloader’ and install that application firstly.

Step 4- After downloading this application, open it and search for Stremio over the search bar of the downloader.

Step 5- You will be taken to a page that has various links for downloading the application. Scroll down and you will see the button for Stremio APK version. You need to download that.


Step 6- Click on that and install that application on your Firestick and launch it.

Step 7- Now you are ready to access the best available features of this application and best quality videos and content.

So these were the detailed steps that could be followed in order to install this application and run that on your devices without any faults and errors. These are quite easy and quick steps that can be followed and kept in mind while installing and launching this application over your devices. Hope these instructions were clear and conveyed the steps in a clear and convenient manner.

This app shall only be used for streaming movies and tv shows that falls under the public domain only. We, at Movies Apk, are not affiliated with any party to promote illegal activity that may tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted contents. The user shall only be responsible for any accessed media from the sites or apps mentioned here on this website. We have shared this guide about Stremio APK for only educational purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

So before we actually decide whether to install this application and register for it we must also look for the various frequently raised questions and queries regarding this application that will clear more of the doubts and also enhance the knowledge of the people regarding this application. Some of the frequently asked questions are:

Ques: How does this application function?

Answer: This application is very easy to function and runs very easily. You just need to install and launch the application over the device. Then you need to register for the application and create an account over it. You can also access this application in the Guest mode as well where you do not have to provide your personal details so that you can save them. So it is basically very easy to use this application.

Ques: Does it offer downloading of the videos?

Answer: Actually downloading a particular movie or a video from this application is not yet possible but it is an upcoming feature that will be added shortly to this application. This is one of the most popular and most demanded features by the people that they feel must be available in this. Though we can watch the videos offline as well by allowing Stremio to cache on the device. But you can download movies in your device by installing the stremio apk.

Ques: Does Stremio application provides for any content itself?

Answer: No, Stremio application does not provide with any content itself. It only broadcasts those videos, shows and movies that are already available on the other platforms. You can expand the variety of the contents by downloading more and more of Add-ons that would provide variety of contents over this application.

Ques: Does it provide the feature of Chromecast?

Answer:  Yes it does offer the feature of Chromecast that enables us to display whatever we are watching over our devices to the bigger screens or other such platforms such as laptop, speakers and computers.

These were some of the basic queries that would provide extra knowledge of the users that add up to the whole perspective an idea that we would carry.


This was a detailed review about an online video streaming application that is Stremio apk that offers thousands of entertainment videos, free of cost and without any registration as well. This application is far better than other video streaming applications that charge a certain amount. It offers a wide variety of content to all of us. It is highly recommended to at least try this application for once.

I hope you’ve successfully installed the app on your device. But if you still face any difficulty while installing the app, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will be happy to help.

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