What is Kodi? Download Kodi APK Movies App For Android

Kodi TV App (Kodi APK)

Are you in search for a software that can help you play any media you want on your device? Are you tired of looking for a media player application? Well then, no need to take on the hectic task anymore over the Internet, there are a variety of media player applications to choose from. There are thousands of software that you can use.

Here arises a question, as for which application or software can you use for your convenience? Which application or software will be reliable? Will any software provide you with all the facilities that you need from a media player or not? Well, such questions often confuse us. But you don’t need to be confused. For, you should first know what you exactly want from a media player or what types of features are required to meet your requirements?

Well, the first and foremost important thing that you need from a media player is that you can play your videos on it. Why? It is because most people want media player applications to watch their favourite movies or videos without any complications. Playing movies get more comfortable due to media player applications; you cannot ignore the benefits you have while watching such videos due to media player.

Not only for watching videos or movies, but people might also need a media player application to play their favourite music as well. Don’t you like playing music on any devices without any difficulties? Well, of course, many people love music; listening to music is like a daily routine for them. In such a situation media player apps may come in handy.

Did you know that you can even play pictures on media players? Well, yes, you can. You cannot ignore the benefits of having a media player on your devices. But the most significant confusion that you have to go through is which media player application is best suited for your needs? Well then, no need for going through such a hassle. You no longer have to worry about such things. Finding the best media player for you is not as difficult as you think it might be.

One of the best media playing apps that you can use nowadays is Kodi. It is an open-source media player software made for the convenience of its users. You won’t have to worry about searching for a variety of media players over the Internet anymore. End the search now and start doing what you want with Kodi. It is a freemium software with the sole purpose of serving the media player related wants of people.

Kodi is one of the best media player software that you can get. Once you start using the software, you will never want to end using it. Different things related to playing media that you can do in this app is marvelous. You will never get bored stop using such software.

But then again, before downloading Kodi, you would want to know what exactly is Kodi, what you can do on this software, is it available on any of the devices, whether it is legal for you or not and many such questions. Thus, provided in this article is everything that you would want to know about Kodi. Before getting into it, let’s first get to know what exactly Kodi is.

What is Kodi?

In simple words, Kodi is a Media player software which is free of cost. XMVC foundation published and developed Kodi. It is an application that is free of cost where you can play media files easily. What makes this application even more incredible is that not only can you play the media files from your device’s storage, but you can also play media files found over the Internet. Isn’t it extraordinary? The thing about Kodi is that it is not bound to just one device; it can be used in almost all the devices or operating systems that are found.

One of the features of this application that you will love is that the interface of Kodi is straightforward and easy to use, which means that someone with significantly less knowledge of such applications can also use this app. It is because Kodi is made for your convenience, not for increasing your complications. Go ahead and use the app to play your favourite media files.

What is Kodi or Kodi TV For PC Android and Ios Kodi Guide

Also, there’s a large variety of media files that can be played on Kodi. Now, No need to worry about the error messages that tell you that the media file is not supported on this software.

Kodi is being used by people all across the world to satisfy their entertainment needs. People always want something extra in the context of entertainment. What is that extra? Is an ordinary media player enough for that purpose? The answer lies in the fact that people don’t find videos or movies enough for satisfying their wants. They need an app that can give them a variety of options for their entertainment and different genres and categories of videos or movies to choose from. Here comes Kodi, your all-time favourite media player application or media file streamer with its multipurpose facilities.

What can you watch on Kodi?

Okay, now you must be thinking, what exactly can you do on Kodi or what can you watch on the same? Well then, It is not an ordinary media player; it is used to stream your media files.

What you need to know regarding it is that you can not only play media files stored on your device, but you can also play from a variety of media files that are found over the Internet.

You can download many apps for getting different media files or even include ad-ons to Kodi for a better experience. You’re no longer bound to just some downloaded movies or videos that you have on your device. With the help of such apps and add-ons, you can watch anything you want on Kodi. There are specific media files that you can play on Kodi. It includes playing your favourite music, watching any of the movies that you want to watch—getting access to a variety of TV shows so that you can watch your favourite TV series for free.

One more thing, Kodi is not limited to just videos or music. You can also import pictures from your storage on Kodi for a variety of purposes which includes making a slideshow, filtering your photos or just for viewing purposes. Okay, so does your ordinary media streaming app provide you with the feature of recording live TV? You can now watch any of your favourite shows or movies or videos after recording them so that you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want with Kodi. The easy user interface of Kodi is a wow factor. The 10ft user interface of Kodi helps its users in quickly reading the application even if they are 10ft far from the screen. With the help of this, you can easily select from whatever you want to watch.

Now you can watch anything you want, anywhere you want and anytime you want with the help of Kodi. Who would’ve thought that Kodi could be such a useful app for you? You can watch your favourite movies from a variety of sources on Kodi, allows you to play movies from different sources found on the Internet and other applications as well. You can also listen to any of the music that you want from any sources; whether you have the song already downloaded on your device or maybe you need other online sources through which you can listen to the songs you want, then you can use Kodi.

Now, not only can you watch movies and TV series or listen to music, but you can also listen to podcasts of your choice on Kodi software. There is much software in which you can watch movies, but you are unable to find your favourite TV series. Well, that is not the case with Kodi. It is because you can also watch your favourite TV series of your choice through Kodi software. No need to repeat the same old movies just because you cannot find anything else now!

Overall, it can thus be said that Kodi is a multipurpose media software where you can watch anything you want from any source you wish to without any difficulties or problems. Right now, you must also be thinking that what devices are compatible with Kodi? Well, the answer to this question of yours is given on this article.

What is compatible with Kodi?

Don’t you think that Kodi is such fantastic software? But will it be compatible with the device you are using? Or is it limited to specific devices only? If you found Kodi to be one of the best apps to have for media playing purposes, then you would want to download it on your phone or PC or any device that you have. But, you might be questioning whether Kodi will be compatible with the device you’re using or not. Well, Kodi can be played on almost any device that you have, but it doesn’t mean that it is compatible with every single device out there.

Kodi can be used on Android, IOS, different windows OS, Amazon fire stick, Linux, OS X, and what not.

The compatibility level of Kodi with various devices is unquestionable. It is compatible with all these devices stated above, and there may be more. Kodi is the most compatible with Android. And why is that? It is because Kodi is available on Google play stores which means that you can easily download it on your Android device if your device is updated to more than 5.0 version. That means you don’t have to follow the complicated downloading steps to install Kodi on your Android device.

And it is more difficult to download Kodi on iOS devices. It is because Kodi is not available on the app store, which means that you will have to download it from third party sources. Now the question is, how can you do it? Well, you will have to download a third-party app store to download Kodi on your IOS. So don’t worry that you won’t be able to download it on your iOS devices just because it is not available on App Store. There’s always a solution to your problems. Apart from that, Kodi is compatible with any of your devices, and you can easily download it if you know the proper way.

Is Kodi legal?

This question is pretty much common when talking about free applications used for watching movies or any other media files. Well, Kodi is legal software. You can indeed watch anything for free on Kodi, but that doesn’t mean that we can question its legality.

It depends on you. There have been rumours regarding Kodi that it is not legal and it contains Media that are not available for free. But it is not valid. Now, its legality depends upon you, on how you use it. Since people can play media files from different sources from the Internet on Kodi, it can also happen that people might play some media files that have copyrights. In that case, people might say that it is illegal. But, that is not included within the software, the users are doing it.

Speaking, as long as you use Kodi correctly and without using illegal sources from the Internet, Kodi is legal and you won’t be facing any issues. Still, if you use unlawful Internet sources for watching or play different media files on Kodi, then that will be a problem.

It can safely be assumed that Kodi is legal. But it can be said that various add-ons for Kodi might be illegal. So, whenever you see that you have an excellent opportunity to watch or stream media files that are hard to get or maybe even unavailable without paying for it, then be cautious about it. What seems right is not always good.

Download Kodi

Now, you must be thinking that how will you be able to download this marvellous software on your devices. Well, it’s not as difficult as you think it might be. Now, a question may also arise as to in which platforms Kodi will be available. Well, Kodi is not limited to one platform. It is accessible on most of the devices and operating systems. Such operating systems and devices include PC, Android, MAC, IOS, Linux and others. Below, you can find the downloading process of Kodi on specific devices and OS.

How to install Kodi on Android

Do you want to download Kodi software on your Android device? Are you confused as for how can you do it? No need to worry now! If you want to download Kodi on Android, then you can follow the steps given below:

How to install Kodi on Android

Download from Google Play store:

Step 1- First, launch the Google Play Store on your android device.


Step 2- Tap on the search bar.

Step 3- Then, you can type ‘Kodi’ in the search bar.

Step 4- After that, a list of various apps will show up.

Step 5- From there, select the first one (Most of the times it is the first one, but if you get confused, it has a Rhombus shaped blue and white logo).

Step 6- Please tap on the download button and wait for it to install.

Step 7- Once you have installed the app, it will be available on your home screen.

Step 8- You can then launch Kodi from your home screen and use it all you want. Below we’ve provided the link to install Kodi for android from Google play store.

Alternative downloading method:

If you are unable to download Kodi from Google play stores, then you can download Kodi apk from the Internet. Following are the steps to download Kodi from third-party sources.

Step 1- First, download the APK for Kodi from the link given below.


Step 2- Once you download the apk on your device, go to settings.

Step 3- From there, allow unknown sources so that you can download third-party apps.

Step 4- After that, go to the ‘downloads’ folder on your android device.

Step 5- You will be able to see a downloaded file for Kodi, tap on it.

Step 6- Once you do that, it will ask you for installation permission.

Step 7- Tap on allow.

Step 8- Then wait for Kodi to install on your device.

Step 9- Once it has been installed successfully, it will be available on your home screen.

Step 10- After that, you can launch Kodi and enjoy!

How to Install Kodi on IOS

Do you want to use Kodi on IOS? Are you unsure of the way through which you can install Kodi on IOS? It is not your fault; it often is the case that downloading an app is more difficult to do on IOS compared to Android. Follow the steps below to download Kodi on your IOS device:

How to Install Kodi or Kodi TV on IOS

Step 1- For now, we will be using a third-party App Store, Apple Valley, for downloading Kodi.

Step 2- You have to download AppValley from the Internet which you can find easily. (Below we’ve shared the guide to install Kodi on ios)


Step 3- After that, a profile downloaded notice will pop up on your screen. You will have to close it.

Step 4- Then go to the settings of your IOS device, and you will be able to see a profile downloaded on the screen.

Step 5- After that, tap on the downloaded profile, and from there you can install AppValley on your device.

Step 6- Then launch AppValley from your home screen.

Step 7- Once you do that, you can then search for Kodi on AppValley.

Step 8- You will be given the option to download Kodi, click on the download button and wait for it to install on your device.

Step 9- Once it’s done, you can then go to the settings of your IOS device and then tap on the general option and go to profile and device management.

Step 10- After that, you will have to tap on enterprise app End prompt will come up asking you to trust. Tap on the trust button.

Step 11- And there you go, you are now ready to use this app and can launch this from your home screen.

How to install Kodi on your PC

Since you already know that it is pretty easy to download Kodi on your Android devices, you must be thinking whether it is the same for your PC or not. Or whether you can download it on your windows without any difficulties or not? Well, the answer is pretty easy, you can also download Kodi on your PC just like Android, but the methods are different. To download Kodi on your PC, you have to follow the instructions given below and your work will be done:

How to Install Kodi or Kodi TV on PC Guide

Step 1- First of all, you will have to download the installer for Kodi software from the provided link.


Step 2- Wait for Kodi APK to be downloaded on your PC.

Step 3- After that, you will be able to access the file from the ‘downloads’ folder of your PC.

Step 4- Once the APK file is accessible, double click on the installer file or APK file of Kodi.

Step 5- After that, a setup program will come up on your windows screen.

Step 6- Then, you will have to follow these steps provided in the setup program.

Step 7- After that, wait for the file to be downloaded on your PC.

Step 8- Once Kodi is installed, you can launch it from your home screen.

Alternative downloading method:

If you are unable to download the APK file on your PC and want another way of downloading the same without any difficulties, but that will be limited to the certain OS, then you can follow this method:

Step 1- Firstly you will need to launch Microsoft Store on your windows.

Step 2- Once you do that, you can then search for Kodi, and if you are unable to do that, then you can access Kodi on Microsoft stores through a link as well.

Step 3- After that, click on the download button and wait for the app to be installed on your OS.

Step 4- After that, you will be able to launch the app from the desktop of your windows.

With that, you now have access to Kodi on your PC as well without any difficulties.

How to install Kodi on Amazon fire stick?

As you already know that downloading it on various devices is an easy task, you would want to see if you can easily download it on amazon fire stick or not. Well, of course, you can, the easy user interface of Kodi is even better for Amazon fire stick. And the downloading and installing process is easy as well. What you need to do to download Kodi on Amazon fire stick is to follow these steps provided below:

How to Install Kodi or Kodi TV on Amazon Firestick Guide

Step 1- As Amazon fire stick restricts downloads from third party sources, you will first have to allow it.

Step 2- To do so, you will have to go to the setting menu of your Amazon fire stick.

Step 3- After that, you will have to click on the device option.

Step 4- After you do that, you will have to go to the developer’s option, which is mostly on the second option on the list.

Step 5- After that, you will be able to see an option regarding allowing apps from unknown sources.

Step 6- You will have to enable the apps from unknown sources on your device.

Step 7- Once you have done that, you will need the means to download Kodi on your device. Thus, you will have to download the downloader application from the Amazon App Store.

Step 8- Once you have downloaded and installed the installer, you can launch it on your device.

Step 9- After that, go to the setting menu of download application and disable JavaScript.

Step 10- Then, you can go to the home option on the downloader application and there you will be able to see a space for typing the URL Offer website or file that you want to download. Below we’ve provided a link for downloading Kodi on the given area.


Step 11- You will then be given an option To choose the version of Kodi.

Step 12- You can choose The Android version as it will be compatible with Amazon fire stick.

Step 13- Now you will be given multiple options as to whether you want a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version.

Step 14- You can choose from anyone, but 32 bit is suggested. Once you’ve gone through this election process, you can begin the installation process by clicking on the install button.

Step 15- Then, wait for the app to install.

Step 16- After it has been installed on your device, you can launch the app from the main screen.

And there you go! You now have full access to this ultimate software for streaming your media files.

We, at MoviesApk, does not endorse or affiliated with promoting apk or any illegal content in any ways. We have shared this article for educational purpose. Install this Kodi apk at your own discretion as using the Apk files could lead to problems, being not officially owned by the official owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is Kodi?

Answer: It is a media player application or media streaming application having various features that you might need while playing media.

Ques: Is Kodi safe for use?

Answer: Yes, it is free from harm. You can use it as much as you like, but you need to know that add-ons and relying on various Internet sources should be on your own risk.

Ques: Is Kodi illegal?

Answer: No, it is not. It is a wrong assumption by many as it is free of cost. Make sure to check various add-ons so that no illegal work can be done through it.

Ques: In what devices can I use Kodi?

Answer: You can use this on various devices including Android, IOS, PC, Linux, Amazon fire stick and what not.

Ques: Does using Kodi cost you money?

Answer: No! it is free of cost, and you don’t need to pay for it at all.


In the end, it can thus be said that Kodi, being used by people all over the world, is considered to be one of the best media playing applications or media streaming software nowadays. One cannot ignore the facilities it provides you with and that too free of cost. Now, it is not required for you to play from a limited variety of media files. You can play any media files either from the storage of your device or from the sources collected from Internet. It is totally up to you.

Kodi is not only for watching movies or videos but you can also watch your favourite TV series, listen to the podcast and your favourite music. You can also use it for playing pictures either for editing them, make a slideshow of them or just for viewing purpose. The easy user interface of Kodi makes it simple to use due to which anyone can use it. Now, you don’t need to worry whether you are knowledgeable regarding such software or not. All you have to do is launch the app and get ready to use it all you want.

Now when it comes to using this app, people often question whether they can download it quickly or not. Well then, as stated above, the downloading procedure of Kodi is straightforward. All you have to do is follow the above steps, and you are done.

You can easily play anything you want on Kodi. not only that, many devices can access Kodi without any difficulties, so you don’t need to worry whether you have an Android, IOS, Windows or any other device. Kodi will be available on all the devices or most of the devices. With the help of Kodi, you are now free from daily problems due to not having a perfect media player.

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