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Cyberflix TV

Movies, television series and web shows have always been a very important source of entertainment for all of us. Most of us get so involved in watching them that we do not even get to know that when that interest in a particular series developed into an addiction.

For such a generation, latest developments and updates in the field of video streaming applications is important as it enhances the experience of the user and surely add to the joy and entertainment of such movie addicts.

Let us look at one such application that is Cyberflix TV APK.

What is Cyberflix TV?

Cyberflix TV is basically a video streaming application that streams entertainment videos, movies and shows that are available in various themes, genres and categories. This is just like other video streaming applications that offer unlimited entertainment to us and lets us watch our favorite shows and movies just within the comfort zones of our rooms.

This application is the best kind of platform that incorporates all the shows and movies that are available and are aired for our entertainment. This also lets us explore the contents and movies that are created all over the world for enjoying entertainment and also learning something out of them.

Install Latest Version Download Cyberflix TV Download Cyberflix Apk for Android

Cyber flix is an on demand video streaming application and is also a clone of the Terrarium TV application and it is actually functioning nicely and working in a more advanced manner. Also it provides with links to various websites that offer entertainment shows and videos that can be easily accessed and downloaded as well for future reference.

Another important aspect is that the application has a huge library to store and offer various kinds of videos and entertainment shows. Also it provides with an access to the TV channels that let us watch our favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere without any problems.

This application is made in English language and has got a free license. The author of the application is Shawn M.Crim and its size is 18.17 MB and has been rated four stars. It requires Android Operating Systems to function.

Features of Cyberflix TV application

So this application actually seems to be a very crucial one that offers one of the best entertainment and best quality videos and movies for the best of entertainment experience for all of us. Let us look at some of the best features of this application that tend to make it more unique and special in various ways.

Some of its special features are:

Free of Cost- One of the most important features of this application is that it provides the shows and movies for free of cost. You do not need to pay any other extra cost for accessing shows and movies. Otherwise there are some applications that ask you to pay individually for a show or a movie or pay the subscription charges to the application. Like Netflix or Amazon Prime and also other same applications you need to actually buy a whole subscription package and then also renew them each month that seems too costly and also not accessible and affordable to all but Cyberflix provides all the movies and shows at no cost and you don’t have to subscribe to this application for accessing it.

High Quality Content- It offers a great range of high quality content. The picture quality that is provided by this application is high quality high definition that tends to showcase each and every detail of the picture and things that are portrayed on the screen. It also enables the users to access the better quality picture that is rarely available and is mostly available in those paid application that charges money. It is a real benefit to us that it provides us so much that too free of cost. It tends to provide picture quality from 360 p to 1080 p depending upon the speed and bandwidth of the internet.

In-built Player- This Cyberflix TV application also has got an in built video player that helps in playing the video without the support of any other player and we can easily watch the videos in that application and do not need to shift or move the videos and movies to some other application. It can be used just like other video streaming applications and can play videos and shows with just one tap or click. Also it takes care of the choices and needs of the users and enables them to watch videos by connecting or syncing other video players as well.

So we can easily watch our favorite shows and movies over other media players we want. Some video players offer different features such as provide subtitle in various languages and full screen resolution or better picture quality so people tend to prefer them over the media player of the application from where they downloaded. We can easily choose any other third party video player such as VLC media player or MX player or others to watch videos and movies.

Huge Library- The most important feature of the application is that it has comparatively huge library that contains thousands of shows, web series, movies, TV shows and TV channels. They try to add and encompass the content from all over the globe and the shows that are made over all the parts of the world. It helps us to explore the contents and cultures of various people and increases the knowledge and helps us to expand our horizons.

It also offers the shows and contents of various genres such as drama, comedy, horror, action thrillers and other genres. We can also find shows and movies of various different languages that also add up to a new and different experience of the individual. A movie or our favorite show helps us understand things and learn a new language easily because it is our favorite show and we tend to grasp things more easily and in a better manner. Also it takes us close to the culture of various places through the virtual world with the help of an engaging story.

Subtitles- Cyberflix TV application provides us with another most important feature that is it showcases subtitles with each and every movie, T.V series and web show. The subtitles tends to make it very interesting and comfortable to watch the whole movies or series as we are able to comprehend the dialogues and the meaning of the scenes very easily without distorting our interest in the movie and also without spoiling our movie experience.

Also subtitles help in understanding dialogues very effectively. It provides subtitles in around 220 languages that makes it more compatible, adaptable and an effective application. We can easily tune into any show we want to watch irrespective of the fear of understanding the language.

Download- Another important feature about Cyberflix TV is that it enables us to download the videos, web shows and movies very easily and we can access them later according to our convenience and comfort. This application is such a benefit as it provides us with the feature of downloading the contents for free and also without any subscription that is a rare feature of these kinds of video streaming applications. Downloading helps us to store and keep those favorite videos and shows that are really important to us and our favorite. It also increases our convenience as we can now easily share our favorite contents and video with anybody without any worries. This is actually a very valuable feature indeed.

Easy to Sync- This application also supports real debrid integration that enables us to actually set up an integration and link between the various new sources and links and Cyberflix TV application. This basically enables us to access the high quality links and more other sources of videos and movies that are available beyond this application so we can easily keep a track of the contents that are not available somehow on this application as it allows us to sync the links and sources of other applications.

For doing this, you must be having an account on the real debrid only then you can access and link your video streaming application. With its usage, we can  store the important links to the shows and movies in that real debrid account and segregate them easily from the ones of Cyberflix so that we have an organized list of movies and shows that we can watch anytime.

Compatible- Cyberflix TV is also compatible with the Trakt application. Trakt application basically keeps a track of whatever is watched by a person over the personal computer, television or other video playing device. This tends to keep all the information so as to what is being watched and is recorded for our future references.

Not many applications support the Trakt integration. So with Cyberflix; it allows us to sync the watch history of our other devices such as mobile phones, television or personal computer and tends to bring it up on the application. We can easily go through the favorite series or movie from the Trakt records and again play it on the application. This allows us to play any video and content from the list that is of our choice. For integrating Trakt with Cyberflix TV application, you need to have an account over Trakt application that will keep a record of all the shows and movies browsed and watched.

Safe- The most concerned factor by the users is that whether this application is safe to use because digital world has got its threats that can cause serious problems to us. Just one wrong click and you tend to grant access to your personal data unknowingly that might cause a lot of harm to the privacy of the individual and also causes mental stress.

Also the health of the device and elimination of viruses and bugs is very important. So we actually do not need to worry about the safety and privacy while operating this application. This application does not ask for any permissions or access to the mobile or other device that saves the data from being accessed and is kept safe. It does not need permissions to access the storage, camera, gallery or any other parts of the device that would lead to the sharing of any important details of the individual.

Safe to Use- It also takes care of the privacy of the individuals and does not ask for any bank account details or other such sensitive details for payments as it is a free of cost application and does not charge any amount. Other applications ask for the card details or bank account details for payment purposes and sometimes they can be misused and would become a great source of problem. So Cyberflix TV does not demand any sort of sensitive personal data that would infringe the privacy of the person.

Ad-free- The best feature is still left to be discovered that is that the application is ad-free. It does not show any advertisements and is completely free of them and does not interrupt the experience of the user. The advertisements pop up in between the shows and movies we are watching and disturb the whole momentum and the experience of watching the shows. Also sometimes too many ads pop up and the application that we are using, becomes slow and works slowly. Also when there are too many ads then by mistake we tend to click on any of the ads and are taken to just another world of that advertisement that consumes time and disturbs everything.

Regularly Updated- Another very important feature for our binge watchers is that this applications keeps itself updated with the new releases and shows that keep coming up on the floor. It automatically updates with these news content and videos so we actually don’t need to worry about the updated series and movies as we would be served with that at our doorsteps. This application also comes up with in-built application updates that keep coming up and improving the functioning of the application. It keeps us notified with the latest and important updates of the application that improves the user experience and also helps in better functioning of the application.

So these were some of the very eminent features of Cyberflix TV application that are essentially important and are needed by today’s binge watchers. These features are enough to convince anybody to start using this application or at least try it or once. 

This app shall only be used for streaming movies and tv shows that falls under the public domain only. We, at Movies Apk, are not affiliated with any party to promote illegal activity that may tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted contents. The user shall only be responsible for any accessed media from the sites or apps mentioned here on this website. We have shared this guide about Cyberflix for only educational purpose.

Steps for installation of Cyberflix TV over various devices

As we have looked at the most important features of this application so now is the need to look at the ways through which we can download and install this application on our devices and enjoy the features that are offered by this application. So let us look at the steps for installation of this application over various types of devices.

Steps for installation over Android mobile phones

Step 1- Before installing this application, you need to enable the unknown sources in the settings.

Step 2- You will find this in the security settings in the general setting icon. You just have to tap on it.

Step 3- Then, download the apk file from the link given below:


Step 4- It will get installed in some few moments on the mobile phone.

Step 5- Open the application after installation.

Step 6- Then search for the shows and movies that you have always wanted to watch and go for them.

Steps for installation over personal computer

Step 1- For installation of any apk file, you need to first install any emulator in your personal computer.

Step 2- Install Bluestacks for instance as it is an emulator.

Step 3- After it is installed, launch that application over the computer system and complete the necessary details and sign up for it.

Step 4- Then, download the apk file from the link given below:


Step 5- You need to now select the apk file in the emulator and install it over the personal computer.

Step 6- It will take few minutes and once this process is complete, you will be able to use that application over your personal computer conveniently.

Steps for installation over iOS devices

Step 1- For installing this application over iOS. We need to use a third party application store just like we do it while installing it in personal computer.

Step 2- So for that you can download any application store for example AppValley.

Step 3- You can download this over your device and wait for its installation.

Step 4- Once AppValley is installed, you have to search for Cyberflix TV in its search bar.

Step 5- You will find the icon of the application and you need to click on that.

Step 6- The application will get installed over the device in some minutes and now you can easily surf through the shows and movies provided by it. Below we’ve shared the complete guide step by step along with the apk to install Cyberflix TV for iOS:


Steps for installation over Firestick

Step 1- As we already know that this application is a third party application so to install that over the firestick, you need to change certain settings.

Step 2- You must go to the developer options in the settings and enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 3- Then you need to go to the search option and search for downloader application.

Step 4- As you find that, install that into your device.

Step 5- Open that application and go to its settings and enable the JavaScript because it is important to surf through the web pages.

Step 6- And then in the search bar, you need to search for links for Cyberflix TV application.


Step 7- And you need to install the application from there and wait for its installation.

Step 8- The Firestick will ask you to delete the apk file and then you can use this application for browsing the latest contents and videos.

So these were some of the detailed instructions about installing this application over various kinds of devices that are simple and easy to follow. And can be adhered to for downloading and enjoying the features of this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we actually start using this application, let us look at some of the frequently raised queries regarding this application that are important for us to know about.

Some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

Ques: Does this application support ChromeCast?

Answer: Yes Cyberflix TV application does support ChromeCast and allows us to display the shows and movies on other devices such as personal computer, laptop or other speakers. It makes it more adaptable and desirable for all. We can cast the videos and shows to any other screen using this application without any errors.

Ques: Does this application cost any extra hidden charges from its users?

Answer: Absolutely not, there are no extra hidden charges that are payable by the users to this application. We can stream videos free of cost over this application and also download them without paying any penny.

Ques: Is Cyberflix TV legal application?

Answer: Cyberflix TV application is not a legal application as it is not available on the official application stores as it does not follow the copyright rules and more guidelines issued by the application stores. But there is no such threat with it because Cyberflix TV just acts as platform that provides us with necessary links to movies, rest is our part that whether we watch or download. It absolutely depends on the users whether they go for it.

These were some of the frequently asked questions that were important to consider before actually installing the application.


So this article was an attempt to describe the best possible features of Cyberflix TV and also provide all the possible information about one such video streaming application. Cyberflix TV application features a huge library that encompasses contents from all the genres and languages and creates a playlist that suits the mood and interest of the user. It is definitely a must try.

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