The Best Comedy Movies Of All Time To Watch With Friends & Family

Best comedy movies- Nowadays, movies have become an integral part of our lives. It is one of the main sources of entertainment that we can have. Now, when it comes to movies, there are variety of genres to choose from, so that people are not limited to one kind of movie. So for those who love some humor in the movie, they should go for comedy movies.

The comedy movies are good for any situation whether you are sad or happy, humor is good for you.

Every once in a while, you need break – a break from your stressful life, a break from tiring work, and a break from your boring days. Comedy movies are of various types and there’s a full package of action, romance and humor-it depends on the plot of the movie. Watching a comedy movie can make yourself stress a little less as it makes you laugh from the hilarious scenes that it has.

Know whether you are spending your weekends watching movie so that you can laugh your heart out or even if you want to binge watch movies that doesn’t make you bored, then you should go for comedy movies.

Again, if you want to watch comedy movies but you are unsure of which one to watch, then you’re at the right place. Here, listed are 24 best comedy movies that you can watch nowadays. Whether you want to binge watch all the movies or watch the movie that you like the most from the list is up to you. Check out the list of 24 best comedy movies from the list given here.

24 Best Comedy Movies To Watch

Viewers often get confused as for which movies they should watch or which movie is the best for them. This is why we have come up with a list of 24 best comedy movies along with every detail that you will need regarding the movie. Say no to the hassle of searching for movies on the Internet. Have a look at the best comedy movies list:

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Comedy movies


Parasite also known as Gisaengchung is one of the best Korean comedy movies released in 2019 with a touch of drama and thrill to it.

Ratings: It is rated 8.6 out of 10 as per IMDb ratings.

Language: Korean, English.

In this movie, there are two families who played important roles in the movie- the Kims and The parks. The Kims are a very poor family and the Parks are wealthy family. There are 4 members in the Kim family including father chung-sook and mother ki-taek having two offspring namely Ki-woo (son) and ki-jung (daughter). They reside in a small basement apartment that looks shabby and cramped which is located in the lower working class commercial district of Seoul. Their expenses are mostly covered from the minor scams that they do. Main thing about this story is that Ki-woo doesn’t like the idea of being poor.

He wants to get out of the situation he is in by getting into a University. One of his friend who is in University gives him the opportunity of tutoring park Da Hye who is the daughter of the Parks. After getting the job, he gets to know that Mrs. Park is in search for an art therapist for her adolescent son Da song. Ki-woo makes his sister work as an art therapy teacher for the Parks. One by one the members of the Kim’s family gets employed in the park household. What happens afterwards is mind blowing, when the parks are away, the Kim family starts pretending as if the home is their own. But every strategy of theirs changes when the older housekeeper moon gwang returns and gets evidence against the Kims family.

Summary: The movie is about how greed and class discrimination can lead to a destruction of relationships.

Overview: Overall parasite is dark comedy movie Based on class discrimination and greed. You will love the cleverness of the Kims family and will definitely love to go with the flow of the Storyline of the movie.

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful released in 1997 is a movie based on the World War II era with the perfect combination of romance and comedy.

The movie is given 8.6 ratings out of 10 as per IMDb rating.

Language: Italian, German and English.

Plot: Life is beautiful is based on an Italian Jewish Guido Comes to Arezzo, Italy with an aim of having his own book shop. Love blossoms when he meets a pretty school teacher, Dora. They move forward in their relationship and marry each other and then welcomes their newborn child Giosue. The world is going to World War II during the 5th birthday of Giosue. Being Jewish, they get abducted by the Germans to their construction camp. What’s worse is that in the construction camp Guido and Giosue get separated from Dora. Guido’s love for Giosue makes him lie to his son that they are in a game and there is nothing to be scared of. And the winner will get a prize. Meanwhile, Guido looks for a way to get out of the situation he is in.

Summary: This movie showcases how family love each other and take care of one another in any situation they are. It is a perfect combo of romance, drama and comedy.

The untouchables

The untouchables released in 2011 has been given 8.5 ratings out of 10 as per IMDb rating.

Language: English

Plot: The untouchables is based on a biopic of two men – a Quadriplegic and his caretaker. Phillippe becomes a quadriplegic after he goes through a para gliding incident. He then has to take care of himself and his daughter but being a quadriplegic makes the situation worse. For this purpose, he holds an interview for hiring a caretaker. He begins interviewing individuals with his secretary Magalie. During the interview, Driss gets tired of waiting for his turn and goes straight to Phillippe giving him a document.

In the document, it is written that he applied for the employment but got rejected, he does that so that he can avail unemployment benefits with the help of the document. After a discussion, Phillippe and Magalie Decide to hire Driss as his caretaker. The journey of Phillippe and Driss’ friendship begins when he Moves to the mansion of Phillippe and starts taking care of the quadriplegic. Their friendship increases and they start doing everything together where Driss learns to take care of Phillippe as well. Later on, they become close friends and help each other in various ways.

Summary: When Phillippe becomes a quadriplegic, he hires a caretaker named Driss, which in turn results in a very close friendship between the two.

Overview: This movie is a perfect combination of Comedy and slice of life. Various hilarious scenes in this movie will not make you bored and the classy story based on two real men will keep you interested in this movie.

Back to the future

Back to the future, released in 1985 has been given 8.5 ratings out of 10 as per IMDb ratings.

Language: English

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PLOT: The story of back to the future is based on 18 years old teenager Marty MCfly whose living conditions are not good enough. Once he goes to meet up with his friend Dr. Emmett Brown or doc who introduces him to his new invention Delorene- a time machine. During this meet, they get attacked by the Libyan nationalists. To get away from them, Marty accidentally activates The Time Machine and travel backs to 30 years ago or 1955. There he notices that he came in between the first meeting of his parents. Which means that if they don’t meet he will cease to exist. He then begins the task of making his parents meet with the help Young doc he met there. Moreover, he has another the task of getting back to his time.

Summary: The mild teenager Marty accidentally travels back to 30 years ago in time and now has to make sure that his parents meet and fall in love. It is because then only he will be able to exist in the world. And he also has to go back to his era.

Overview: Go along with the journey of Marty back and to the past and present with an addition of humor which will keep you going throughout the movie.

Modern Times

Modern times, released in 1936 has been given 8.5 ratings on the scale of 10 as per IMDB ratings.

Language: It is a silent film.

Plot: In the movie, a factory worker, Charlie, finds it hard to adapt to the modern society with the ever increasing technology. He starts warts working for a factory but various misfortunes takes place and his work gets ruined.  He even has to go to jail several times due to such misfortunes that wreaks a havoc. Once, he returns from jail, he gets mistaken for a communist. And then he meets a girl who can somehow relate to him. There begins the journey of the two to save themselves from the modern world.

Summary: Basically, this movie is about a tramp struggling to survive in the modern society but being unable to adapt to the modern environment. He then meets a girl which in turn changes everything.

Overview: This movie is a perfect comedy movie which will keep you laughing. The silent humor of this movie is far greater than you can get anywhere.

3 Idiots

3 Idiots, released in 2009, is a Bollywood movie based on comedy and Drama.

Ratings: 8.4 out of 10.

Language: Hindi

Plot: The movie is about 2 friends, Farhan and Raju, looking for their college friend, Rancho. During the search, they get to the flashbacks which shows the entire story of the 3 friends and their great old college days. Rancho believed that being a bookworm doesn’t make a person successful in live. For such a thinking, he often used to mess up things with the college Director Viru Sahastrabuddhe. Later on, he falls for the daughter of the college Director. After the college exams gets over, Rancho leaves without a word and later on they find that Rancho was another person’s name that he was disguising in.

Summary: 2 friends begins the journey of finding their 3rd friend and tells their past stories through flashbacks. Later on they discover some information about their old friend.

Overview: This movie is a must watch for everyone. Not only will it make you laugh the entire time but it will also give you knowledge. You will get to understand why being a bookworm does nothing for you and how true friendship works.


Amélie, released in 2001 has been given 8.3 ratings out of 10 as per IMDB. 

Language: French, but is also available in English and Russian.

Plot: Amelia, who works as a waitress in the central part of Paris is an imaginative person. She had a messed up childhood due to her father’s wrong assumption. She grows up to be a fine young girl and starts living on her own. Her journey begins when she helps the former owner of her apartment by giving back his lost treasure. Amelia finds her goal in life when she sees the happiness of the former owner in getting his treasure back. She then starts helping people and making them happy. Meanwhile she meets a guy who collects photos from the picture booth. Will love blossom between the two? Where will fate take Amelia?

Summary: Amelia, a girl, with an aim of finding the meaning of life and love, starts helping people. Then she meets the love of her life and the story continues.

Overview: Hilarious scenes of this movie are incredible. Join Amelia in search of love and the true meaning of life.


Snatch, released in 2000 has been given 8.3 ratings on a scale of 10 as per IMDB.

Language: English.

Plot: Turkish is an illegal boxing promoter who makes Brick Top (a Gangster) bet on a boxing match in favor of Boxer Mickey. Things turn out different than expected when Mickey doesn’t meet the demands of Brick Top, which in turn makes him furious. Brick demands for another match. Then comes frankly four fingers, the one who stole a diamond and is on the way to deliver the diamond he stole. On the same boxing ground as Turkish, frankly starts betting. Things then gets complicated.

Summary: The story is about the two parts of the criminal world- The illegal boxing promoting and diamond stealing which then turns out in a variety of events taking place.

Overview: The irony in this movie is great. You will get to see the humor in the underworld in this movie.


Chhichhore, a Bollywood movie was released in 2019 and has been given 8.2 ratings out of 10 as per IMDB.

Language: Hindi.

Plot: Anni is a middle-aged man whose son tries to attempt suicide. He does that because he cannot get into college even after being an exceptional student. To make his son feel better and gain self-confidence, Ani tells him the story of his college life. Later on, his son gets interested in the story and starts getting the value of life. Ani then brings his college friends to the hospital to introduce them to his son. He does that so his son will understand that losers doesn’t stay losers. Then can surely become winners.

Summary: The story is about Ani, who tries to make his son understand that losers will not always be losers. He does that because his son tried to attempt suicide.

Overview: This movie teaches how suicide is not the solution to anything. If you are determined, then you can achieve anything. The movie continues on the path of hilarious events that takes place with Ani and his friends during their college days.


Queen is a Bollywood movie released in 2013. It has been given 8.2 ratings out of 10 as per IMDB. 

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Best comedy movies

Language: Hindi.

Plot: Queen is a movie about Rani, a girl from a traditional Indian family. She has dreams of marrying and settling down with her husband. Her life turns upside down when her fiancé leaves her forever. But Rani, being a dreamer doesn’t give up. She then sets her mind that she will go for her honeymoon-Alone. And there begins the journey of rani where she finds her true self. She meets different people during that period and gets to know the world she never knew. She makes friends, new experience and gets over her past life.

Summary: This movie is about a simple Indian girl learning the true meaning of life she never knew.

Overview: You will love the character of Rani as she is a jolly as well as a funny girl. She doesn’t get depressed even when her fiancé leaves her. The funny scenes in the movie will keep you laughing.

Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri was released in 2000 and has been given 8.2 ratings on the scale of 10 by IMDB.

Language: Hindi.

Plot: Baburao, Shyam and Raju are the 3 unemployed men in this movie where Baburao is the landowner and Shyam and Raju are his tenants. The three are a hilarious trio who can’t spend a day without messing up with each other. Later on, their need for money doesn’t decrease and then takes place a miracle. They get a cross-connection phone call from a kidnapper regarding a ransom. Then an idea crosses their mind. They think of increasing the ransom amount by the kidnapper and telling about it to the victim’s father. They think that they will give the kidnapper’s demanded money to him and keep the added amount they included. To their irony, things turn out to be different than what they expected.

Summary: This movie is all about the three unemployed men who try tricking the kidnapper to get money which doesn’t exactly turns out to be in their favor.

Overview: You will love the combo of the hilarious men in this movie and how they go through different funny situations during the entire story.

Andaz Apna Apna

Andaz Apna Apna is a Bollywood film that was released in 1994. It has been given 8.2 ratings out of 10 as per IMDB.

Language: Hindi

Plot: The story is about 2 guys- Amar and Prem, who become rivals as they both want to marry a wealthy girl, Raveena (daughter of Ram bajaj Gopal, a multimillionaire). Raveena switches roles with her friend Karishma so that she can find love free of greed. Meanwhile, Amar and prem arrives at Raveena’s place and tries various tricks to win her heart. Later on, following the hilarious events they go through, they come across Teja- brother of Ram Bajaj Gopal. Teja tries to overtake everything Ram has and thus begins the mind-blowing yet humorous kidnapping of Ram Bajaj Gopal.

Summary: It is a comedy movie based on two guys fighting for the same girl but later on getting the love of their live. This story shows how they learn about love as well as greed of money which can even separate family.

Overview: This movie is a perfect mixture of Comedy, Drama and Romance.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, released in 1975 has been rated 8.2 out of 10 as per IMDB.

Language: English, French, Latin.

Plot: This movie showcases history in a humorous view. King Arthur of Camelot looks for knights who can sit at the round table at Camelot with him to discuss their joining. After certain discussions, they decide to part their ways and just as they try to do so, they meet God. God himself, gives them the task of finding the Holy Grail. They do agree but little did they know what kind of tasks they would have to go through. 

Summary: The main objective in this movie is to find the Holy Grail and surpass every task the men have to go through.

Overview: This is one of the best comedy movie you get with a touch of adventure. View history in a hilarious aspect in this movie.

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is a movie by Charles Chaplin released in 1925, and has been giving 8.2 ratings out of 10. 

Language: English.

Plot: The story is set on a lone prospector who is in search of Gold. He thus decide to go to Klondike Gold Rush. He and his partner, Big Jim for collecting gold. The story is a silent comedy film along with adventures as well. Moreover, the lone prospector also finds the love of his life to whom he promises that he will become a millionaire. 

Summary: A lone prospector sets out in search of Gold at Klondike due to which he faces various hilarious events.

Overview: One should definitely watch this amazing comedy plus adventure movie.

Wild Tales

Wild tales, released in 2020, it has been given 8.1 star ratings out of 10.

Language: Spanish.

Plot: The movie consists of six different stories. There is one thing common in all of them- Revenge. What will the people in the different stories do when they come across certain stressful situation? During the situations, they go through dangerous misunderstandings and various arguments. The ways of revenge and behavior of humans regarding certain matters results in alternative changes in their lives.

Summary: Basically, it consists of 6 different dark stories, each having a different revenge case along with some funny events.

Overview: If you want to watch a Dark Comedy then this is perfect. You will not only get to know 1 story but 6.


Pk, a Bollywood movie, released in 2014 has been given 8.1 rating on a scale of 10 as per IMDB.

Language: Hindi.

Plot: The story goes along with PK, a living being from outer space who is stuck on earth. While on search of the remote through which he can go back to his native place, he stumbles upon the aspect of religion. He questions the existence of God which in turn results in every religious individual in hating him.

The movie goes on with a series of funny situations which PK is put into. He meets a girl named Jaggu who helps him get his words to all the people which can benefit Jaggu’s news channel as well. He then comes across Tapaswi Maharaj (the one who has the remote of PK) and accuses him of falsely making statements about the locket remote being a religious artifact. According to PK, humans are too devoted to the God that they believe every misconceptions if the matter is related to religion. During the series of events that take place with PK, he falls for Jaggu.

Summary: The movie is based on PK, an alien who tries everything he can to get back to his place by getting the locket/Remote.

Overview: This movie shows hilarious events that PK goes through on his quest of finding his remote which gives him another motive of finding God.

OMG: Oh My God!

OMG is yet another movie based on religion, released on 2012. This movie has been given 8.1 rating out of 10.

Language: Hindi.

The Best Comedy Movies Of All Time To Watch With Friends & Family
Best comedy movies

Plot: What an irony it is when Kanji Lalji Mehta takes God to court and accuses him of being responsible of destroying his shop through thunder strike. He does it because he gets furious when he hears that he will not be able to get insurance for natural calamities. This is why he lodges complaint against God. Later on, various people accuse him of being crazy. And some religious heads also accuse him of making fun of religion and thus decides on his elimination. But then, he gets support from those who have gone through the same situation as him. During this, Lord Krishna, God himself helps out Kanji Lalji Mehta.

Summary: The story is based on a shopkeeper whose shop gets destroyed and thus lodges complaint against God, he gets both supporters and offenders in this journey.

Overview: This movie gives lessons about the frauds done through the name of God and Religion in a humorous way.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel, released in 2014 has been given 8.1 out of 10 ratings. 

Language: English, French.

Plot: The movie begins when a writer visits the Grand Budapest Hotel for a stay. There he encounters the owner of the hotel, Zero Moustafa, who was once a lobby boy of the same hotel. He tells the writer about the events as for how he came to be what he is now. The manager tells the writer about the golden era of the hotel when M. Gustave was the rightful owner of the hotel and used to provide every needs of his costumers, no matter what.

During that time, he met a women who has a son as well. On the death of that women, her greedy son blames Gustave for her murder. The heir, Dmitri tries to take ownership of the painting that was given to Gustave by his mother. For this purpose, he tries everything in his hands to accuse Gustave, meaning other companions of Gustave (including Moustafa) tries to prove him innocent.

Summary: It is a story about a hotel manager telling a writer about the various events regarding a murder which in turn results in this situation he is in currently.

Overview: The movie is amazing along with its humorous touch.


Barfi was released in 2012.

Ratings: 8.2 out of 10.

Language: Hindi.

Plot: The movie is based on Barfi, a guy with hearing and speech disorders. The story goes on about how he falls in love with shruti, a normal girl. Shruti gets pressurized by her parents to marry a normal man and lead a normal life. She then gives in to her parents and marries the guy of their choice. Some years later, Barfi meets jhilmil who is autistic and love blossoms between them. After that, Shruti comes across Barfi who is looking for jhilmil. With jhilmil being missing, barfi goes desperate for finding her. Later on, Shruti helps Barfi for searching for Jhilmil which evokes the old love for Barfi in the heart of Shruti.

Summary: The movie is about Barfi and his love interests- Shruti and Jhilmil.

Overview: The movie showcase that love can take place anywhere and with anyone. Various hilarious scenes of the movie will keep you entertained.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

Munna Bhai MBBS was released in 2013 and is a comedy movie with a touch of Drama.

Ratings: 8.1 out of 10.

Language: Hindi.

Plot: The story of the movie revolves around a gangster (bhai) named Munna, who has hid his identity from his parents and told them that he is a doctor. He pretends to be a doctor when his parents come and then even arrange his marriage with a doctor. But things becomes worse when the girl’s father finds out the truth about Munna. The doctor then insults Munna and his family which makes munna furious. He then decides to marry the doctor’s daughter and hurt the doctor. He then forcefully takes admission in a medical for this purpose.

Summary: Munna Bhai (Gangster) with the purpose of seeking revenge gets into a medical college with the aim of becoming a doctor – his parent’s wish. 

Overview: This movie is overall fun to watch with a series of funny events that Munna Bhai goes through. 

The Truman Show

The Truman show was released in 1998.

Ratings: 8.1 out of 10.

Language: English.

Plot: The story is based on an insurance salesman who is living his life normally. Little did he know that his so called normal life is not at all normal? In fact, he has been living a fake life where everything related to him is a lie. How? One day he finds out that the place he calls home contains hidden camera which records his every move and everyone that talks to him are actors. And his life is being covered as a reality show- The Truman Show. 

Summary: An insurance Salesman gets to know that his entire life is being recorded as a T.V show-The Truman show. What will he do now?

Overview: The movie will make you laugh, confused, cry and whatnot.

Green Book

Green Book was released in 2013.

Ratings: 8.2 out of 10.

Language: Russian, English, Italian and German.

Plot: The movie revolves around 2 men- An Italian-American bouncer who is in search for a job and an African-American pianist, looking for a driver to take him for a 2 month concert tour. Later on, they come to an agreement and the bouncer (Tony) becomes the driver of the pianist (Don). Both set out with a Green Book- a travel guide. After a variety of disagreements regarding every matter between the two (due to their different attitudes) they come to a conclusion. A friendship evolves between the two after certain events that takes place during their journey.

Summary: The story is about two people of different race who don’t get along well in the beginning but later on becomes good friends.

Overview: This movie is a classic-comedy movie based on a true story.


Ratings: 8.1 out of 10.

Language: English.

Plot: A con Artist- Moses Pray is a bible selling hustler who earns money in a dishonest way. Once, he stops by a funeral of a women whom he used to know. He was then offered to take the daughter of the women to St. Joseph. He agrees to do so and there begins the journey of Moses and Addie. They turn out to be great companions and earn money by deceptions.

Summary: The movie is basically about a con-artist getting to travel along with a girl and thus making money together.

Overview: You will love the movie due to the various funny characters that you can see during the film.

The Shop around the corner

Ratings: 8.1 out of 10

Language: English.

Plot: Klara and Alfred- penpal buddies have fell in love with each other long ago just by talking to each other through letters. Both of them start working at the same gift shop. Little did they know that they were each other’s penpal? Well, the movie showcases some hilarious scenes when both of them go through conflict every day without knowing that they love each other. They don’t know that the other is the one whom they have been letters to.

Summary: The story is a rom-com about 2 lovers who are unaware about the other’s identity.

Overview: This is one of the best rom-coms that you can watch.


So here we sum up our list of best comedy movies. So go and watch the above mentioned movies and enjoy hours of entertainment with your friends and family. If you think there might be some movie missing from this list, let us know about it through the comment section given below. We will add the movie in our list of comedy movies immediately. You can also watch the best thriller movies.

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