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Bee TV

Our era is the era of entertainment. One cannot live without entertainment. If this seems an exaggeration, then think about how some people cannot spend even a day without having some kind of entertainment. So when it comes to entertainment, what crosses your mind? You need a means to entertain yourself. But what exactly is that means? Well, watching Movies and TV shows are the best ways to pass your time and have fun both at the same time. You can find a large variety of movies out there having various genre. Not only movies, but you can also watch TV series to entertain yourself. But what if you can’t find a way to do that? Well there is a solution to every problem. So you can find the solution to your problem as well.

If you want a software application that can help you in finding and watching your favorite TV series and movies, then don’t go through the hassle of searching for it. There are many applications out there through which you can watch your favorite movie and TV Series and that too free of cost. But, here arises a question for which one will be the best. You don’t need to get tense on such a small matter. When it comes to such applications that can enable you to stream TV series and movies without any hassle, Bee TV is one of the best applications that you can get. 

BeeTV is a TV show and movies streaming application which is considered to be one of the best application for search purposes. So whether you are spending your weekends Alone and want to binge watch movies or TV series, Bee TV will come to your rescue. 

You can now gain the advantages of Streaming movies and TV shows with the help of Bee TV. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want. All you need is an active Internet connection and Bee TV application installed on your device. Some of the features of Bee TV makes it unique and one of the best applications in such matters. Also, you can use it on different devices as it is not bound to only android. So now if you want to use it on your iPhone, windows, Mac or fire stick, you can do that easily.

What is Bee TV?

BeeTV is a movie streaming application used for entertainment purposes. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Bee TV application without any difficulties. You can now search for any content that you want to watch and select from genre that you like. Bee TV helps you to search for content across the Internet and play those videos on the app. It is a movie streaming app. It is a fantastic application with an intuitive interface. Once you start using it you will get to know how useful it can be for you from providing a way to stream various movies and TV shows to letting you download the same as well. It is not only for Android devices, there are different ways through which you can also download this on windows, IOS, Amazon firestick and other devices.

Latest Version BeeTV for Android Apk Download IOS BeeTV Apk

You can go further in this article if you want to read the features of Bee TV and the way you can download it on your devices.

Features of Bee TV

Bee TV is an incredible application that you can use for streaming purposes. It can provide you with amazing features that makes it unique and must download application. Some of the features of Bee TV are as follows:

Incredible user interface

User interface of Bee TV is incredible and easy to use as well. You can now navigate through it and search for the contents that you want with ease. No need to go through the hassle of searching for your movies over the Internet. You can use it on any device without any hassle and search and stream any TV shows and movies that you like.

Library of contents

There are a large variety of movies and TV series that you can select from in Bee TV. It has a library of movies and TV series that is categorized early wise and you can also choose from different categories. It makes your work easier as it already gives you an option to select any content that you want to watch from the library. Moreover the contents available in the library are taken from different Internet sources. This means that almost any movies and TV series that you like will be available in it.


There are many movie streaming applications that are not compatible with every devices. But this is not the case with Bee TV. BeeTV is supported on almost every devices which includes Android, IOS, NVidia shield, PC, Amazon fire stick and many more.

High quality videos

In Bee TV, the videos are of high quality which makes it one of the popular apps. You can now watch videos in any quality you want as it gives you an option to select videos of any quality. So whether you want to watch the movie in 480p, 720p or 1080p, you can do that easily. You won’t have to search over the Internet for videos of the quality that you prefer.


You can now play videos on any media player that you like. Bee TV comes with an inbuilt media player to watch your favorite videos. But one more thing is that you can watch its contents on different media players as well such as MX Player, VLC media player and what not.


Not only can you stream movies and TV shows on Bee TV, but you can download the same as well. You can now search for any movies or TV series you want and download them. By downloading the movies or TV series, you will be able to watch them offline from the downloaded section of the application.

Why is Bee TV Popular? 

Bee TV is a well-known application for streaming movies and TV series. People around the world. Depend on this application for watching their favorite TV series and movies. The easy user interface of Bee TV makes it popular among its users. The easy user interface allows users to search for contents that they want to watch and select from a variety of genre as well.

Moreover, what makes it more famous is that it is free to use. People like it more as they don’t have to pay for watching their favorite movies or TV series. All they need is Bee TV application and an Internet connection. Users are also given the opportunity to download such movies and TV series to preserve it for future purposes. So that when they don’t have Internet they can watch movies offline that they have downloaded.

You can get quick access to this easy to download application which makes it more convenient to use. Its convenience makes it more famous around its users. It is because the user wants quick access to any applications that they are using.

Since you can download this application on almost any of your devices, it increases the users. It is because not every individual has the similar kind of device so its multi device feature helps Users to use it on any device that they have without any hassle.

One of the main reasons that Bee TV is famous is because it gathers contents from sources and shows it in particular application so that you can watch any of the contents you want on a single application. Not only that, you can watch movies from Hollywood to Bollywood TV series from a variety of channels. As a result, it makes it easy for you to watch anything you want quickly and efficiently.

Download Bee TV

You can download Bee TV on any of your devices. But if you don’t know the way, you can get the answers here as for how you can download it on various devices that you have.

How to Install Bee TV on Android?

If you are looking for a way as per how you can download Bee TV on your Android devices but you are unaware of the way. Then don’t worry at all, Bee TV is available on Android devices. And the procedure for downloading it on your Android device is pretty easy to download, you can follow the given steps which are as follows:

Step 1- First of all, you need to make sure that you have allowed downloads from unknown sources on your Android devices settings.

Step 2- After that, click on the download button provided below:


Step 3- Once the apk file is downloaded on your smart phone, tap on the icon with an image of Bee on it.

Step 4- After that, a question will come up asking you whether you want to install this application or not.

Step 5- Click on the yes button.

Step 6- After that wait for it to install.

Step 7- Once installation process is done. You will be able to launch the application from your home screen.

Step 8- Tap on the icon of Bee TV and the application will run automatically.

How to Install it on iOS?

Do you have an iOS device and you are unsure whether you will be able to download Bee TV on your iOS or not? Well then, no worries! There is a way to download Bee TV on iOS. Steps to download it on your iOS are as follows:

Step 1- You need to have a third-party app downloader to download Bee TV on your iOS. So you have to download AppValley or TutuApp from the Internet which you can find easily.

Step 2- Then go to the settings of your IOS device, there you can see a profile downloaded on the screen.

Step 3- Next, you have to tap on the downloaded profile, and from there you can install AppValley on your device.

Step 4- After you do that, you can launch AppValley from your home screen.

Step 5- Once you do that, then you will have to search for Bee TV on AppValley search bar.

Step 6- A list of applications will appear, click on the download button for Bee TV that has a bee on its icon and wait for it to install on your device.

Step 7- After it is done, you can go to the settings of your iPhone/iPad and then tap on the general option and go to profile and device management.

Step 8- After that, you need have to tap on enterprise app End prompt will come up asking you to trust. Tap on the trust button.

Step 9- And there it is! You are now ready to use this app and can launch this from your home screen. Below we’ve shared the complete guide for installing BeeTv on iOS:


How to Install it on PC?

If you want to download Bee TV on your PC but you are thinking how you can do that. Then don’t worry, downloading this application on your PC is not difficult as you think it might be. Following are the steps you have to follow to download this app on your PC:

Step 1- First, you will have to download an android app emulator (we can take BlueStacks for now) on your PC.

Step 2- After that, you can install the app from the ‘downloads’ folder of your PC.

Step 3- Then launch the app (from desktop of your PC).

Step 4- Once installed, download the Bee TV Apk on your android from below:


Step 5- Wait for it to get installed on your device.

Step 6- After it is installed, you can launch the app and enjoy watching movies and TV series for hours.

How to Install it on Amazon Firestick?

If you want to download Bee TV on your Amazon Firestick and enjoy watching your favorite movie and TV series, then don’t worry at all. To download Bee TV on your Amazon Firestick, follows the steps that are given as follows:

Step 1- On your fire stick first, you are required to allow downloading unknown sources.

Step 2- To do that, first, you have to go to the settings and then developer options where you can allow unknown sources.

Step 3- After that, go to the home screen of your Amazon Firestick and search for Downloader from the search bar.

Step 4- Then, you can see the downloader application, click on the download button and install it on your device.

Step 5- After that, launch the downloader on your device.

Step 6- Then, you need to disable ‘JavaScript’ from the settings menu of the downloader application.

Step 7- Then you will have to go to the browser tab of the application, and you will be able to see the provided space for entering URL.

Step 8- There you can enter the URL for the Bee TV which is provided below:                     


Step 9- Once you do that, you can click on the ‘go’ below the URL, and it will lead you the website of BeeTV from where you can click on the download button.

Step 10- There you can wait for it to download.

Step 11- After that, the Bee TV will prompt to install.

Step 12- Then you can press on the install button.

Step 13- You will now be able to see the Bee TV app on the ‘apps’ section of your Firestick.

This app shall only be used for streaming movies and tv shows that falls under the public domain only. We, at Movies Apk, are not affiliated with any party to promote illegal activity that may tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted contents. The user shall only be responsible for any accessed media from the sites or apps mentioned here on this website. We have shared this guide about Bee TV for only educational purpose.


Ques: What is Bee TV?

Answer: Bee TV is a movie streaming app that collects movies and TV show contents from a variety of sources around the internet.

Ques: Is Bee TV safe?

Answer: Yes, Bee TV is safe to use. You won’t have any problems while using this application.

Ques: Is Bee TV a legal application?

Answer: Yes, Bee TV is legal. However, the contents that you get to see in Bee TV may not be legal as some of them are copyrighted movies or TV series.


Thus, it can be said that Bee TV is one of the best applications for streaming movies or TV series. Now, no matter what type of movies or TV shows you want to watch, all can be done in Bee TV. There are variety of features that Bee TV contains so that you can have full advantage of it. Not only that, it is free of cost so that you are not even required to pay for it. You can select Movies and TV series from any genres or categories that you like and even download the same. This way, you can watch movies offline once you download it.

Apart from that, you can download Bee TV on android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, NVidia, Amazon Firestick and whatnot without any complications. The procedure for downloading Bee TV is also included here. Thus, we can say that you can use Bee TV without any hassle and thus leaving behind the hectic task of search for movies or TV series on the entire internet. I hope that you’ve installed this amazing app on your device. But if you are still not able to install the app on your device then you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will solve your query as soon as possible.

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